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Hug High Club

DINNER: Every Monday Nght @ DCC,  524 Denslowe Dr.

CONTACT:  Our leaders reach out to students all throughout the week, sharing the big and small moments of life together. 

Why do high school alone when you can do it with a group of friends and leader/mentors together?

  At Monday dinners, we eat, we play, we get homework help and share the Gospel each week.  During the rest of the week, we check-in with each other on and off campus.  We almost always have some sort of extra-curricular adventure in the works, including summer camps, outings or just a movie or a treat with a leader. 


young adults

Nights and times vary~,1157 Bounty Ct

18, done with high school... now what?

YA is about what is next.  We are building the skills we need to move forward.  Budgeting, job interviews, first generation college preparedness/support, nutritional education, long term goal setting, it's all there.

We build strong realationships to face this world together while studying scripture  and figuring out what it means to own our faith as adults in this big, sometimes intimidating, world. 

10-10 MOMS

10-10 MOMS

First Friday Night Each Month.

Being a young parent is hard.  Our 10-10 Moms are finding strength in numbers, meeting once a month to share a meal, share some laughs and share Jesus.   (Free childcare provided!)

Even better, every 10-10 Mom has a mentor; a woman who's 'been there, done that' and is ready to lend her support.  Mentors and moms meet regularly building  networks of support for the young, growing family.



Friday nights, Lori's house

Our youngest generation meets the gospel!

While our young moms are having discussions about life and faith, their "littles" are in a program led by our "Kid Wranglers,"--long-term volunteers and mentors.  They have games and art, and hear a story about Jesus and faith, just like their moms.  Our littles range from zero to 16!  

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